Blake Bortles Foundation

A couple weeks ago Blake finally got to meet one of his biggest fans, Ethan Bay. To Ethan’s surprise, we decided to send him to Super Bowl LIII thanks to Blake’s Walter Payton Man of the Year @jaguars nomination 🏆
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257 Jacksonville, Florida



That’s awesome!


Let’s go you are back so pumped for you


Blake, the Wotherspoon family had a ball in Tahoe with you! Hope we see you again soon and Merry Christmas!


Blake, we will never forget what you have done for the community - you always made time for the kids, the first responders, and the fans. We need more solid people to follow your lead. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the family.


My guy!!!! 🐐


We love you, Blake! Thanks for ALL you do for our community. Happy holidays!


This is why Blake Deserves the WPMY award even if he is no longer a starter


Blake is amazing! ❤️ this


Blake is the best!!!


Blake Bortles is one good, kind, compassionate man...continue to bless + guide him Lord with your Plan & Purpose. Xoxoxo mama Beez




Blake for Mayor


Did he win it?

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