Sandra Pierce

Did you know that one of the few cosmetics to avoid rationing during the 2nd World War was a girls best friend her lippie!! Apparently it was a necessity to maintain national morale!! It helped to conceal personal heartbreak and sorrow.

And did you know most of us haven’t a clue what’s in their lipsticks and yet we coat our lips several times a day ingesting it not knowing what’s in it!! My Tropic lipsticks have camellia, jojoba, avocado and Argan oils to deeply nourish. £14
We’ve new colours arriving in March too.
My favourites are Sweatpea, Perfect Peach and In Bloom. Oh and Dragonfruit too 💋




Interesting! No you wouldn’t 😂


Isn't history great 😁 I know that hp sauce was rationed and it's one thing now a days you wouldn't really expect to see in the ration

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