Rachelle Rice, NTP, C-IAYT

Poetry alongside me ... a few of the ‘thousand particulars’ ... learning to patch a few words together. #thankyoumaryoliver #namaste @twbpoetry @jandbcoffee #sensuouslanguage #practicalpoetry #imageandword #embodiment @pacificapost




@givingtreeessentials I so need a book of hers!


Scorpio sister you and me are in alignment… With my Amazon holiday gift cards I ordered 4 Mary Oliver poetry books.😍🌈💚


@the_radiant_table That is so kind. The Lord bless you and keep you.


@twbpoetry I think you nailed it. 👌🏽🙏🏼


Thank you so much for tagging me in this. I am beyond thrilled that someone found my words and found in them something to remember.

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