Sandra Pierce

What on earth does this mean 🤔. In January anyone who is a diddy bit interested in what I do. Feels they’d like to try something different, a change of direction, some extra income. A new hobby, or new career, this could be for you. I came about Tropic just over two years ago. My initial wanting to become an ambassador. I was lonely, suffering dreadfully from “empty nest syndrome”. Needed to do something different. Didn’t want the huge outlay I’d had when I set up my beauty business back in 2003. Having moved 250 miles away from my family no school gate to make new friends I took a leap of faith. I dibbled at first. The more I researched and learnt about “natural skincare” the more I fell in love with Tropic. It’s ethics, passion and caring for the planet, our skin and its ambassadors ✔️ a huge box for me. This time last year I went to my first Tropic roadshow met Susie Ma personally listened to her story. 2018 was extraordinarily. My cup as they say is brimming with the feeling of fulfilment 12 months later. I now help coach others grow in confidence by encouraging them to “try” something new. Trying something outside your comfort can be scary but oh how it makes you feel amazing when you fall in love with what you do. When did you get a warm feel about Monday? Try something different ? Now is the best time to have a chat about Tropic. For an investment of £160 you could gain over £1260 worth of products! What is there to loose!! Training, support and your own personal website. It cost me £180 in 2003 to have my business cards designed and printed alone!! This business fits perfectly around you. You choose how to want it to best serve you. Yes you!
I’m off to the very roadshow that was full of amazing women and a few men last year on Sunday 6th January . Haydock is the first one. Would you like to come and find out more. Kick start the beginning of 2019 being surrounded by an amazing group of uplifting Tropic peeps. Tickets are sold out. I have one spare. Could this be your golden 🎫? Please message me for a chat. Happy New You, Happy New Year. It’s going to be fabulous, fun and full of new friendships. 🥂



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