Sandra Pierce

Today I was first outta bed. 6.30am in our house is rare! Off to Chester to join a packed room full of enthusiasm, fun and Goal setting for 2019 and beyond with my Tropic buddies. I have some awesome plans for this year it’s going to be amazing 👏🏼👏🏼 January already is turning out to so exciting...Tomorrow is the roadshow at Haydock meeting Susie Ma and Karina Tropic. Last year I’d no idea where Haydock was, a southerner up north. Felt like an adventure last year in the pouring rain. With Cecilia Paton and Danielle Bisby. January blues no thank you. It was fab! Loved every minute. From that evening on has been a huge shift in my mindset and the rest of the year was just awesome.
What happened since then..... tomorrow will be a special day.
Haydock Roadshow 2019

There’s a Free ticket for anyone who is diddy bit interested in natural skincare

#newbeginnings #lovemyjob



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