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Photo by @kirstenluce | In December 2018, this sloth and 21 other animals were rescued from Puerto Alegria, Peru, where they were kept illegally to pose with tourists for selfies. Veterinarian Maria Violeta Barrera Navarro holds a sloth. An investigation by the nonprofit @fentropika showed that these animals were dying rapidly in captivity, replaced by new animals poached from the wild.
The Peruvian National Police, wildlife authorities from Peru, and veterinarians from @fentropika staged a raid to seize the wild animals kept for "selfie tourism."






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We should take those "humans" to show and do the same to them...


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This breaks my heart. Humanity is to thank for global warming and to add insult to injury ever mistreated God's creatures for eons. These innocent parties that are collateral damage in a world where they have never been given a choice is the saddest part of the world we live in, imho. They don't deserve the treatment they get from exploitation to habitat loss to extinction. What did they ever do but exist?!


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Disgusting what people will do 4 a pic, and 2 animals in general!!!


@_haleyjordan_ I didnt read the whole thing! I tagged you bc it was a sloth. I agree though!


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