Well Being Medicine

Definition of “adorable” = Murray. Murray has some big shoes to fill also but this time his parents are ready! This little guy has no idea how amazing his life is going to be. Murray’s parents might as well have picked him up in a royal chariot 😂😂😂 I’m pretty sure his feet haven’t touched the ground yet, except maybe to potty. His parents couldn’t wait to start him on a raw freeze dried diet and they are adamant about pursuing a holistic lifestyle. In the face of crisis we often find opportunity. I truly believe each pet is here win a lesson to teach us, if we will just listen. Murray’s parents learned so much in the crisis of renal failure. They worked so hard to give their sweet Oliver the best life possible. Now Murray will have the opportunity to fulfill Oliver’s destiny. #healthypups #holisticvet #titertesting #foodismedicine #



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