Pennie Swim

We are still ALIVE! 2 months away from Instagram + I’m still not sure I’m ready to be back on🙃 But I’m here + going to give updates on Pennie Swim and what the future holds...sometime soon.😜




@alilewis ah! Just saw that you are expecting another girl! Congrats💕 Hope you and your sweet fam are doing well!😚


@summerd333 thank you!😘 Hope you guys are having the best time + soaking up the sun! 💛


@katecrandall hi! Her jumper is from Zara:)


Yay!!! Can not wait! Missed seeing you!


These pictures are my favorite! 🥰


Where is her cute little jumper from?


@ashley.yo.smashley miss you guys! Next time you guys pass through Utah, make sure to stop here for a sleepover! Otherwise we’re just gonna show up on your porch one of these days😉


Soo BEAUTIFUL!!! Miss you guys so much!!!


@comokearns girl! You better see us next time you are in Utah! It’s been waaaay too long!😚


@cheekycloth I can’t tell you how many times I downloaded it to my phone only to hurry and delete it before logging on😂😂😂 and thank you! We love how they turned out:)


@daniellehdavis_ thanks girl! Every Sunday navy wants to wear one of her favorite bows from @finnandolive because we love them! Hope you are doing well😘


Gorgeous picture! ❤️


These pics 😍 so cute!


I was just thinking about you! Dang that’s a cute picture.


Ditto! It is hard to come back! Your family pics turned out great!


You’ve been missed!

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