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Can we just say, Wow?! This is Lexi and if you swipe left you can see both front paws/carpi/wrists that have reduced in size approximately half of what they were.
When Lexi started seeing us at the end of the summer we weren’t quite sure what was going on with her. Her complaints were that she was panting all the time, didn’t have an appetite and had become hoarse, she had a very weak bark and had developed bone spurs/swelling of both her wrists.
Bloodwork and xrays from her regular vet were unremarkable other than a hypovolemic (dehydrated) heart on chest X-ray.
According to TCM, we decided we would address kidney yin deficiency with false blood heat- this can result in chronic panting, dehydration, dry throat, dry stomach resulting in low appetite. We also put her on a Chinese herbal formula specific for boney growths.
Her mom took the leap to a partially cooked diet and has been consistent with her supplements and acupuncture visits and now we are all in amazement at her progress.
She is happy, full of energy, doesn’t pant except for excitement, barking at full strength, eating normally and her paws have reduced to almost normal size.
Her mom is thrilled with her progress, as are we!! We prepared her mom for the commitment in the beginning and once again with consistency, we are seeing RESULTS! #healthypups #foodismedicine #veterinaryacupuncture #traditionalchineseveterinarymedicine #holisticvet






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