Conigli Bianchi

PrEP is a term that can refer to any medicine that prevents a disease or condition rather that treating it. /
Hormonal contraceptives, for example, are technically a form of PrEP because they prevent pregnancy. These days, however, PrEP usually refers specifically to anti-retroviral pills taken to prevent HIV. /
In 2012, the FDA determined that Truvada (a pill commonly prescribed for HIV treatment) was also safe and effective for HIV-negative people to use as PrEP. /
Women’s health activists recognized this as a major breakthrough — finally, a non-condom tool that women could use to protect ourselves without a partner’s knowledge or approval. Unfortunately, it remains largely underutilized by women. /
There is an urgent need for PrEP public health campaigns catered to the needs and concerns of women, most importantly bolster their awareness of PrEP. / ///// powerful art by @chelseabeck.psd ///// #Truvada #WeWantPrEP #coniglibianchi #baciDaWonderland #hivprevention #wewantprepnow #UequalsU #ARTivism




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