Well Being Medicine

What is in a name? One definition of “well being” : a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity. As we say often, our goal is to help our patients AND their families reach a state of wellbeing. We had such an overwhelming day on Thursday. We had all sorts of amazing reports, just a few are: a registered nurse that has an autoimmune condition is now starting a business where she prepares healthy meals for people who lead hurried lives to ensure that they can still eat healthy. Another nurse said her eyes have been opened to a whole new world of healing and is considering some field in holistic medicine. A husband that had a massive heart attack and quadruple bypass asking for human acupuncture recommendations in hopes it will help him the way it’s helped his dog. A client’s friend with diverticulitis was facing surgery as her only option for relief but chose our recommendation of acupuncture instead and now says she is feeling fantastic! This is what Well Being Medicine is all about! #justsaynotobigpharma #traditionalchineseveterinarymedicine #veterinaryacupuncture #acupunctureworks #holistichealing #holisticvet




@leighstp I send them all to you ❤️ you’re the best human doctor on this 🌍


Keep spreading the word! You are amazing Dr. Natalie!


Dr Natalie and Beau, you are the best humans!!! Thank you for the examples you set and for your leadership 🙂

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