“Do you like my hare?” writes @theneighbourhoodwolf






Well then!


Aww this is adorable!!!!❤️


What a time to be alive :


@teej0922 I like your hares a lot


Hey, thanks for publishing!


@k9_merlin I think he needs a bunny....


@love_goeun 牠長得好奇怪哦😂看不出來😆


@lovestge 這是不是柯基 黑色的


Omg this is SO fricken cute!! ❤️


🐾🐾🐾 top notch


Oh 😍 voll süß


I love your dog totally adorable 💕💕




Made my night! Sooo cute ❤️


Omg 😍


this is sick 🔥


Hare piece


@palinkas hahaha. I’ve see you carry him around like that lol


@our_ruff_life I love this! So precious ❤️


I like black dogs :3


@mattyabsley gee thanks, just bought it


It's so adorable

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