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Photo by @dzalcman | I'm back on the road to continue work on @signsofyouridentity, an ongoing project on the legacy of coercive assimilation education in indigenous communities. This is Lisa Schrader, a Lakota woman who attended St. Joseph’s Indian School and Red Cloud Indian School. “Healing requires acknowledgement,” Lisa said. “And when we were taken away from our homes and we lost our language, and we lost our culture, and we lost our identity, no one ever told us, Welcome home. I’m glad you made it back.” #signsofyouridentity




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@susybusse That’s not “we.” And wow, kinda sounds like the creation of every country on the planet in history.


@greaterebi the first immigrants to America who - with the government's assistance - forced the Indians off their land and put them on reservations.. or just killed them.


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جهت افزایش فالورهای پیج اینستاگرامتون در سایت زیر عضو شده و با انتخاب پکیج مناسب به سرعت کاربران پیج خودتون رو افزایش دهید


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