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Leo is one of our favorite patients! He started seeing us over 1.5 years ago for elevated liver enzymes, low energy (lethargy) and severe hindlimb weakness. He had been previously diagnosed with an adrenal gland tumor and had surgery to remove it. When he first started seeing us he was eating hill’s science diet low protein and hypoallergenic diet and receiving monthly chemicals for heart worm fleas and ticks. We spent a lot time explaining the severe effects of this diet and chemicals on the liver and thank goodness, his parents were great listeners! Now he eats a high quality wet food with home cooked meats/vegetables. The toxic chemicals have been replaced with essential oils and supplements. He gets bioscans regularly and adjustments are made accordingly. His energy has improved greatly, he can go on walks with his family and his liver values are just shy of NORMAL! I took this picture of him yesterday because he was our first patient on our new bail/chiropractic table! His parents are both officially retired now, so Leo is happy happy happy! He spends most of the day in his dad’s lap! What a joy these fur babies are to our lives! #healthypups #traditionalchineseveterinarymedicine #veterinaryacupuncture #holisticvet #foodismedicine #veterinaryspinalmanipulation




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