Sandra Pierce

Have I mentioned I'm an Advance Nutrition Stockist? Have been for many years. Looking after our skin is an inside job too. Unfortunately we can't just rely on a good diet these days, how our crops are forced there isn't the same nutrients in our fruit and veg like when I was a child. Its a fact unfortunately.
The past two weeks I've been struck down with food poisoning, a jacket potato eaten locally choosing a "healthy" option proved to be a big mistake!. Turns out it had been reheated and reheated which harboured a lethal bacteria which has certainly taken its toll on my gut! Now on antibiotics I need to put some healthy probiotics back in. Uncanny that Advance Nutrition should launch Skin Youth Biome. Mine was ordered yesterday.
Our gut health tells a lot about us and one of the first questions I always ask when dealing with acne is about diet.

Did you know that the brain and the gut are in constant communication? The gut sends messages to your grey area about various aspects of your skin and health via the "vagus nerve" acting like a telephone cord. Helping to maintain normal gut flora by consuming probiotics through diet or supplementation helps keep the lines of communication open, enabling it to function at it's optimal level and provide tangible skin benefits. Namely helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, nourishing dry skin, supporting the skins barrier as well as supporting good gut flora!! If you would like to find out more about Skin Youth Biome or any of the other supplements do get in touch.......




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I take probiotics every day x

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