#followmeto @charitywater with @natalyosmann . We were big fans of @charitywater before coming to Ethiopia, but after the trip, where we saw what impact their work has on local communities we trust them 100%. Here we are at the site that doesn’t have an access to clean water yet. Women would walk 2-4 hours and wait in line with hundreds of other women at this pond. Even though the water looks clean it is highly contaminated with animal waste, worms, and diseases. They would repeat this route 3-4 times a day carrying these 25l Jerry cans. For those who follow our stories - you have seen us repeating their route and it is very very exhausting.
While Charity:water raises awareness and funds, their local partners drill through bedrock, protect springs and mobilise communities everyday. Their local partner in Ethiopia is REST (Relief Society of Tigray) and they have more than a thousand Ethiopian staff members. All of them are heroes. This village will have access to clean water next time REST and Charity:water come back - which should be within this year. I will tell you more about REST in the later posts.
☝️Please check out the video about @scottharrison in my bio and if it affects you the same way it affected us - then join us in achieving the goal to give access to clean water to people of Ethiopia. Link in bio☝️

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Great project 👏🏽




It’s about white if you both to 1. Not specify the region of Ethiopia as if all of the country is impoverished and underdeveloped #BlackPainIsNotAMonilith
2. Exploiting the pain of Black children, women, and men for a photo opt; no real context or compassion; Just there for monetary gain to collect likes
3. No humanizing of these beautiful Africans live experiences; their merely a photo assignment to inc your views and false humanitarian perspective y’all love to sell
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@muradosmann show me vehicle at 2mln bucks. I think thats too high. I was rather thinking that across this perdiod of time lets say 20years situation there changed for better.


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Incredible initiative you guys are getting up to 👌
Here’s to the power of influence to drive social change.

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Вы молодцы, что показываете и такой мир. Многим безразлично, что твориться в других странах.


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Издевательское фото .




Great idea to use your platform for advocacy, but the fashion looks extravagant, and looks inappropriate to the purpose.


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Your constant usage of African kids as corporate props globalsplaning is patronising. Unfollowed 👋






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Are you still in Ethiopia? I want to meet you. I am a big fan!








Poor people! We must be thankful for what we have!




They have beautiful dress😗


@hutsulskiy_ohen she dressed as a zebra! What can be any more simple that that in a desert?


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So sad... thanks for sharing this!

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