Sarah Aswell

Here’s my annual birthday selfie, so that one day you can put together a flip book of me slowly dying.
I’m 38! Which is good because think I usually accidentally tell people I’m 38 anyway. I’m too tired to remember what I accomplished this year, but that’s probably a good sign. Thanks for the birthday wishes - last night I was the last person on earth to watch the Mr. Rogers documentary, and now I want to hug everyone and tell them I like them just the way they are - even more than usual.




Happy belated birthday, Sarah!!


Happy birthday!!


Haha! I literally hugged total strangers coming out of the Mr Rogers documentary. Diane is my witness. I mean, how can you NOT? 38 is a marvelous year, so I’d stick with that one for a while.


💖happy birthday! You have been such a personal inspiration to me. So I'm glad you were born!




Nice eye makeup! 😻


Happy birthday!!!


Happy birthday! You look beautiful!
The Mr Rogers doc did the same thing to me. I was dying to tell everyone that I loved them. 😭


Happy Birthday!!


Happy Happy Day 🎉


Happy happy birthday! 🎉


Happy Birthday!

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