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We know everyone was concerned about @efpitney after the Joe Martin TT. he looked a bit out of sorts. Well don’t fret, he recovered nicely and pressed on during the crit to capture the Masters event title at #JMSR. He mopped up a couple of field primes from the young Cat 2s along the way as well. 3 events in just over 24 hours for the boys, time for a few days of downtime. See everyone at the Crit series back in Maine! #downeastracing

66 Fayetteville, Arkansas





Hey bro, Dope insta!! DM our main account @vivanucci for a collab and tell them we sent you!


Right on!


Dude!!!! That so awesome!!!!! Great job!!!!


Nice work E!


Fantastic work you guys👏👏👏👏👏


Nice work Pitney!!

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