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This will blow your mind. Mine exploded 🤯 Think we should do something about it? I do. Let’s change this. ASAP. #TimesUp #McChangeMakers @timesupnow




@kayla_theresa_e the change makers? Sound familiar?




Times up! 👏🏻


SO many people are missing the point.... they're not saying they deserve it because they're women.. they're saying they're overlooked because they're women. Less than likely to be overlooked because of gender and race. Smh Seriously do you actually believe that women aren't deserving or working as hard as men?? Those numbers are a true reflection of what these ladies are saying because the talent is there, so if it's not race or gender what's the explanation? #timesup


Oh bloody hell rich people problems. Working class women are out here facing the real problems. When the popular of the community amplify the voices of the voiceless then you amplify the voices of all women. You'll get your Oscars. Not supporting this. We're having the wrong discussions here.


@ameliaheartsu this is a patern. Babylonian empire was taken ocer by Persians. When Persian men became weak Alexander the great destroyed Persia. Merchants who come to Greece would tell how weak Persian men are and Alexander destroyed Persia with half the men Persians had. When Greek men became weak the Greek civilization was replaced by the Roman civilization. The Romans defeated the Greeks. When Greek civilization was at its best the statues of men were robust and manly with six pack abs but when the Greek men became weak the statues of men represented weak emasculated effiminate sissy men. The Romans crushed the Greeks. This is a pattern. If men fall civilization falls because men built civilization, not women. Who invented electricity, telephone, car, aeroplane, cure for polio and other diseases? Men did, not women. Who built Taj Mahal, Collocium, etc? Men did. Homosexuality, transgenderism, sissies and cucks are signs for the weakness of men. We see these signs in the west. We saw these signs in the late stage of over 28 civilization atleast. The west didn't learn from history. We Indians won't make same mistake the west did. We learn from history. White civilization will fall and be taken over by us Indians. It is already happening. India is now already the highest populated county in the entire world. you will watch it. The west won't last another fifty years. The average life of a civilization is three hundred and seventy years. How long has it been since USA was formed? The only competition to India is China, another eastern country.


@glenrajadam1 the idea of feminism you are espousing is propaganda created by white men. You are holding up the ideals of the very people you hope to overcome.
You say civilization will fall apart because it was created by men. Following your logic civilization will fall apart if Indians take over because it was created by white people.
I feel way less interested in having this conversation now your views. You posted your comments to spread fear. Maybe it helps the indians take over the west if men & women are at war so you are here to sew chaos. Good luck!!


@ameliaheartsu how am I tearing others down? Feminism is not equal rights. Feminism is the oppression of men. Feminists want equal pay but don't want to the same amount of work as men. Feminists protest against men's rights activists. They don't let men's rights activists speak. That is fascism. Feminist are fascists. Feminists criticise men for the way they sit and call it man spreading. Do you realize how ridiculous this is? Even communist China and Nazi had the right to sit however they want. Feminists come up with terms like man splaining. Feminism has destroyed the western civilization. Birth rates are at an all time low. I am actually happy. Soon we Indians will take over USA and the rest of the world. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK and even Europe are already taking in lot of Indians every year. West is ours. Western civilization is ours for the taking. If men fall, civilization falls cause men built civilization, not women. Western men have fallen thanks to feminism. The birthrates in USA is at an all-time low. Only sixty women out of thousand women of child bearing age are having children. Thats only six percent. The birth rates in Europe is also at an all-time low. Europe, Canada, USA and UK have no choice but to take in Indians like me. A lot of my family and friends are in USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France and Luxembourg and I'm moving to Canada in couple of months.


Thats sad,but motivativ


@xxzoinxed.l3o What? She's a mafia?


There are big problems that change the world. If we are working together, that will make us understand each other, appreciate each other, help each other. I believe it's time that women truly owned their superpowers and used their beauty and strength to change the world around them. Let's do this TOGETHER 💪 @nina thank u for sharing this with us. I LOVE U ❤️❤️❤️


As you can see men are better.


How did this happen?? This happened starting with us, not trying to change anything about it. Time's up women. Let's get to work


@jwiltraut Big time. There's no reason for it


um no TBH not really cause it's about how good they are at this job. If men are majority better at directing then who cares. If male leads fit best in the majority of movies so what. If guys are as a majority better actors and win more awards then so what. All this means if you want to change this for some reason that doesn't. matter, get women who are better at the jobs then boom "problem" fixed.


@xselfishdamonx thats not how mafia works


@thhe_memes 😂😂😭💀👍🏿 im not black and look at my hand emoji


Well u also need to put skill of the actor in general cuz u cant expect a woman to win a golden globe and they sucked in the last few movies


@glenrajadam1 feminism is about equality for all genders. We believe men can be good at the jobs women have & be good parents and deserve custody. All the bad things you listed are the result of the past. Now we know that men and women are capable of the same things. Just because someone isn’t specifically mentioning men’s issues doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Feel free to start organizing for better custody decisions & wage transparency if that is important to you. Your issues do not make others less important. If you want to improve the world for men do the work instead of tearing others down.


This is why there’s “the fastest person alive” and “fastest female”, whilst the segregation in athletic races was based in men thinking they have an advantage, now it’s based in women not being able to/not enough women dedicated enough to do this. However, there are women who are in fields men could not (straight men at least) be near the top, Day time TV. How much of what is spoken about is appropriate for men to say, imagine Oprah Winfrey was a male, Ellen DeGeneres, all the skill, humour, charisma and character they have today, but would you still see them in the same light?
Personally (some may say my opinion is void of all value) but Serena Williams, arguably the best Tennis player for a while, has shown the world, women can have a demanding job and a family, I know others have achieved this, but none were as public in this day and age.
And expecting everything to be equally shared sounds like a very communist way to do things, I thought Americans hated Communism?


Thats funny because i cannot recall one movie or TV show where there wasnt a female lead or co-lead. In fact, its rare to have a film or show with just male leads. So im curious where you got your statistics from?


It's not about gender🙄🙄it is all about how talented you are!! Movie producing is a competitive market and you will get the mentioned responsibilities if you are THE BEST, because it's all about money and if you can raise more money and be more successful in the market so ofcourse it is you who will get the job!! So i believe even saying these things is offensive toward women because it seems that you expect them to get the job in an extremely competitive market just because they are woman!! True equality is all about talent and who can be more successful!!!!!so instead of questioning those who get the job and awards (which is what bad losers do🙄) we (man or woman) should focus on the reasons that made them able to beat us and then try to understand the market demands and improve ourselves😑


Is it possible the men win more awards/nominations because they are great at their job? You shouldn’t win anything simply because you are a woman. Honestly they fact y’all are billionaires and live a comfortable life style while normal people are struggling and living paycheck to paycheck, I feel you have no right to complain because you didn’t a award.


So make better songs, make better movies and stop crying about it, I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m sick and tired of hearing about this stuff


bye ....have a great time. Unfollowed


Not one of these stats concerned me.


Only weak women are feminists!strong women dont need to prove something!they dont give a shit!they know what they want know what to do and how to do and wise men will always appreciate and respect such kind of women!These kind of females that talk about this shit feminism know nothing but only how to talk!If you can do something or want someth just do it better than everyone else you will be noticed and appreciated doesnt matter your a man or a woman!If you were born with nothing between legs,know nothing cant do nothing weak personality who can only talk shit dont expect to get everything you want by only showing witch gender you are!want something want to be better than other females or men prove it work hard and this is as for men as for women!


@tate2fraley well BRUH, they came at me for no reason and I’m going to defend myself. Mind your business. This had absolutely nothing to do with you.


@kyutani look at that cutie


@dobrevick bruh using ad hominem abusive tactics only makes you look like a villain, in discussions on the merit of your ideas shooting below the belt and insulting somebody for something that can’t help, like ones appearance, makes it look like you lack the intelligence to defend your own opinion


@s_h_r_e_e_y_a_ But my dudes why we tryna help millionaire women and not the uneducated, raped, abused, and impoverished women all over the world.


@kay_girl_97 While yes, is common folks can do something about it, but look at all these comments. Look at how much uproar these celebrities can cause. How much talk they cause. They have so much power and seem to waste it on shit like “Buy this product”. If they started to raise awareness to let’s say, terrorism then there would be more talk. Celebrities have more power than they know.


@thhe_memes don’t call a nigga. are you even black?


This video in itself is going against what it’s trying to promote. Yes it’s all women, but there’s more white women than there is black women. What about Asian women? There was one Latina woman. One from England. That’s not equal. That’s not fair. Supporting feminism is okay alright. But make sure your god damn ads and videos line up with the bloody morals you’re insisting need to be acknowledged by the world. Love to see that you posted something about feminism but jack shit about the terrorism that has happened in the past two days. Dealing with terrorism and hate is more important than women being nominated for bloody awards.

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