this is my job. this is literally my whole job. (parts muted for confidentiality)




She actually cried!!!


She looks like u in this video @blauramos




Jackie Kennedy??




😍calma estou falando em português sabe?


@faith_hinrichs I thought this was you for a sec....


the accent is terrible so you’re not that great at your job sis


this is literally me in the mirror lmao wish I could get paid for it


Gotta love self tapes!! #mylife too #actorslife xoxo break a leg!! ❤️😍😘🤩🎬


itienes una mirada triste me encantaria conocer por que tu tristeza y si puedo hacer algo para cambiarlo


Wait, Am I hearing british or australian. Or Am i just dumb. Idk


I thought this was real for a sec. Holy crap!


I heard the sound as i scrolled


Follower me plz# need it


Ur the best thing that ever existed on earth u warmth my heart and I will never forget u u are a natural and I know u will never stop being so 👌


Por qué te ves como tan abatida??






I love you Queen 🥺🥺❤️

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