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When is this the skirt going to be available? @fashionnova


Very cute something that I would rock in the summer


How much I love this look




@indian.giverrr 😂😂😂 just coolin down


@indian.giverrr Hahahahah omg never catch me laying in the snow wearing that!😂


she is beautiful like wow 😍


Hella cute


@treli_kardia eigentlich müsste sie fette Handschuhe tragen! So wird sie doch krank


@torisheppardd I thought this was you when o was scrolling! I was like “the fug she wearing laying in the snow frick!?”


@zweiquentchenglueck für den nächsten winter. Damit dir nicht kalt wird


This outfit is different on your website. Not the same😴


I'm sorry but I would be freezing my boobs off. Boob sweat? Nah, I got boob chills.


This bitch is not gonna make it❄❄☃️❄☃️


I looked for the skirt and I can’t find it. Do you still have this item in stock. I really want that skirt


ohhh nikki 😍😍😍


Even the snow was warped in to make her waist small




Yeah... the climate change, remember?


@vanessaxflores__ omg awwww😭❤️


Yup I won't be laying in the snow with that on. I wish my abs look like that


I love that skirt ♥️♥️♥️


@amandaamacrae omg didn’t notice this haha❤️




I knw she is cold cold


@alohaleyli why did I think this was u lmaooo


So many haters like some women aren't little bitches and can actually deal with the cold


@marcai_axel 😭😭 girl yesss ain’t no way what the money looking like


@xxo_haj lmaooo waaaaah i wish😂

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