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Photo by @edkashi | Sugarcane workers and their children play soccer in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua, in 2015. In Nicaragua, the average life span of sugarcane harvesters is 49. According to the Center for Public Integrity, kidney disease is killing more people in Nicaragua and El Salvador–the two countries with the highest magnitude of mortality from the disease–than HIV/AIDS,
diabetes, and leukemia combined.




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That’s sad we need to do something about that parents are dying that’s just hurting there kids and kids are dying that’s just hurting the parents and it’s soo sad I would not live if my mom died


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Because of high heat with no shade and not drinking enough water








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@francescabernstein it’s also the fact that they burn the fields to clear them after harvesting the sugar cane. I guess after so many years of breathing the smoke...




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