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Photo by @timlaman | I wonder what he’s thinking. Does he know, or have any sense, that his species, the Tapanuli orangutan, is the most critically endangered of all the great apes, with only 800 left in the world? This population of orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia, was just discovered in 2017 to be a unique species, distinct from the other populations of Sumatran orangutan and Bornean orangutan. Now a dam project in its only stronghold threatens its future. It is up to the people of Indonesia and their government to decide their priorities. Will the Tapanuli orangutan be one of the treasures of Indonesia’s biodiversity? The orangutans can’t control their own fate–it is in human hands. Learn more about the Tapanuli orangutan on my feed @TimLaman. #orangutan #tapanuliorangutan #tapanuli #sumatra #indonesia #endangered #endangeredspecies



Oragutangs forever


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Esa mirada me llegó al corazón que tristeza que los animales se estén extinguiendo 😢 son necesario para este planeta por algo los puso Dios junto con los humanos - Bella foto 😍

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