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Photo by @edkashi | A former sugarcane worker, sick with CKDu, at home with his family in Nicaragua in 2015. He now works at home with his family repairing cell phones, and his wife is a local political organizer in their community.




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Congratulations this people 🌹❤️🌹❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻


به فضای اطرافت اهمیت بده.....آریانا لاکچری عرضه انواع کاغذ دیواری های خارجی.....💟








Thanks god


Only kidney transplant can save him. Dialysis another option but too much costly


Векуснятина и я хочу)




Chronic Kidney Disease, unknown. Progressive loss of kidney function.




Most likely due to strep infection


Cause of Death: Socialized Healthcare


Lucineia Apaercidade


@live.differently chronic kidney disease


I had to Google CKDu, I hope he gets well


@azbranch Sugar does NOT cause cancer. Refined sugar helps cancer grow.






@chr1peter I read it and loved it! Is the last line finished, because I don’t know what “mo” means unless it is “moment” not finished?


Maravilha, este contraste de Luzes!




رائع منور




@natgeo @edkashi what town was this photo taken in? I own and operate a fair trade project out of Nicaragua. If work is needed, I can probably help. 🙌


Beautiful 💎💎

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