Sandra Pierce

Great few days so far in London this week, makeup workshop Monday with some of my team sharing my knowledge and love of all things mineral. All so excited about our new Green beauty makeup and getting to know each other. Funny how everyone just “clicks” we all have the same passion and want each other to do well. Lots of coffee and chatter done. This never feels like work to me ☺️. Following on the next day with coming together in the heart of London with another group of inspiring women. Some have travelled from Chichester, Cambridge, Aylesbury, North Wales, Essex, Kent. Manchester. Two hours we super charge our batteries, come away with plans and ideas. When I worked for myself as Beauty At No 2. It was pretty lonely at times. Even though I had lovely clients. These days it’s totally different.
Interesting listening to the ladies round the table...
Accountants who’ve become a Tropic ambassador for some girlie fun, although their job earns good money just fancied a fresh challenge.
Financial advisors wanting to get out of the rat race in London, in the verge of replacing their income and quitting the day job!
Yoga instructors wanting a healthy option

Podiatrist’s looking for a life outside talking to elderly patients
Beauticians all wanting to offer the best for their customers- Pure, Honest and Effective products
Then there’s the ladies who’ve had health issues, recovering from cancer - have sought out Clean products with no toxic chemicals and Tropic ✅ their box.
Two ladies with children with autism and want a job that fits around their family too.
We are all so different. We all have been given the same opportunity and can choose how we want to work it. Start off with the same business package. This cost me the same as having my business cards designed and printed years back!
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I love the compostion of you photos they keep me inspried💖

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