The All-New #ChevyBlazer.




At least the New @jeep wrangler tried, and can off-road like its predecessors... @toyotausa FJ tried and it succeeded with the off-road community... @ford Bronco is going to come out soon and will follow in the same footsteps... but come on!!! This Blazer is a laughing stock on any manโ€™s driveway.




What a pos I always pick Chevy over Ford but it s getting harder to back you up with pos like the new blazer you donโ€™t ready what people write you should have made a k5 or full size truck to complete withe raptor fโ€”-k


Garbage ๐Ÿ’ฏ


di indonesia dimana beli nya...


nice shot


Hey, I fixed my car again. This time it was the ignition coil on the 2012 Cruze. Wonder what is going to break next?!? The excitement continues.

I hate to hate but just bein brutally honest, will always take Chevy over Ford and looking forward to new Corvette reveal, but modern vehicles are too sleek and comfy, I need more rugged vehicles like the 50s-90s trucks and SUVs

This is almost disgraceful to the obs Blazer powerhouse SUV, this not an SUV like it used to mean, this be POS


Looks like the @lamborghini Urus ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ


nice instagram profile


@gamb_gambo it's like a bigger camaro




Beautiful!!! Well done Chevy


Is it ladder frame or monocoque chassis?


Indistinguishable from the competition. Could have been a nice bold throwback, but instead this could be a Mazda.


SS v8 ???


I love the look it's amazing well done and this is why chevy is better than Honda


My 93 K1500 Blazer squarebody is better than this plastic mom car... #squarebody

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