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Quiet Canyon | Photograph by Kathleen Croft
#YourShotPhotographer Kathleen Croft braved "treacherous" roads to make it to the Grand Canyon on a snowy day. "The patterns and shapes of these underlying rock layers were revealed with such intricate beauty only seen when kissed by snow," she says. "It was a truly beautiful day."

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Its amazing, really..


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Amazing capture 😍


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The moment we realise the minisculeness of our existence!


Great view!😍






Great photo 👍


I thought this was from Chile


Ирка, я тоже сначала не хотела в это верить, но сейчас видимо такое время что зарбатывают на всем, попробовала получилось, вчера 30 тыс перевели на карту, если интересно смотри у меня на стрничке.


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Great job well done awesome


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