Taapsee Pannu

They may be old, but their aim is sure-shot gold! Here's the first look poster. #SaandKiAankhThisDiwali






@ayushi117 definitely 😂


Bad makeup especially on bhumi, so artificial




Welcome to Jaatland Baghpat


I am sorry me apko ye bol rahi hu but really ap dono mujhe old dadi jesi dhikh rahi ho


शरीर बुढ्ढा होता है दिल बुढ्ढा नही होता हैः👌👌


Mam please post your todays school visiting photos


Cant wait to see you once again you're brilliant


Hi mam im your big fan i am the student of school where you visited today and i want your autograph please mam best me luck for my studies its a humble request please it will be my pleasure


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Osm taapsee




Osm taapsee


My sis is yours biggest fan and today she had seen you in her school and it's her best day😍


Thank you soo much taapsi for coming our school today its a pleasure to meet with you😄😄


For this Taapsee mam u are mhh favorite actress........ur every film and every look is just awesome.....and this much awaited film "Sandh ki Ankh" Ke liye........congratulations😍😘❤❤❤


Yeh movie hamare yahi shoot hui thi. I Saw the movie Shooting❤️❤️


Hii ,Taapsee maam i just want to tell you that today in mpgs schl all the ques which were asked from you are given by teachers ......but i want to ask ques from you and i also, stand up but the teacher grab m hand and told me to sit ...she said that those girls who r asking ques are selected girls and you are not suppose to ask any ques bcz you are a new Termer ...I was very dissapointed ..i just want to ask 2 ques 1st is that what does perfect mean to you and 2 nd is that i want to ask that is there any struggle behing of your story to become an actress ...it will mean a world to me if you reply the ans of my ques ....plzz maam reply


Whatsapp me guys +918169552206 +917289916783


Not like it


Check out my stories 🔥🔥🔥


@taapsee aaj aap meerut public girls school aai thi m vhi thi or maine aap se question bhi pucha tha 'God of father :


Wishu all the best


@taapsee @bhumipednekar two of the most talented actresses of the Hindi film industry in one movie ! 😍 This is going to be a must-watch !!!!




@sane_meow_lady ohh yeahh expecting them to jump and shoot at such age??

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