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Photo by @ladzinski | Lights streaming along the Seine river from passing boats underneath the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I photographed this scene only months ago on New Years Day, I’m heart broken to hear of the fire. This iconic cathedral is a landmark of the city dating back to the 13th century. It was a place I visited every-time I was in Paris and gave me a sense of peace and warmth. It’s hard to imagine it no longer standing proud, brightly illuminated among a courtyard full of people enjoying its beauty. Wishing the people of France the deepest condolences on this terrible day.




Excellent photo ...Thankyou !


Sempre com fotos lindas parabéns




@r00chick maybe more who knows


I had the privilege to see this beautiful place just 5 months ago. I hope she's restored to the grandeur that she deserves. ❤️🇨🇵


Please donate to the cathedral’s renovation on Notre Dame’s web site. This church needs a roof, but it can be saved.




@hishohke probably because 13 million people visits the Notre Dame every year. Ask how many people heard of Palmyra?


Beautiful! Very sad indeed 🙏




Great Pic, you can found wonderful pics on my profile too 😉 #dakyg










After 5 years





very very good




So sad 😭


Bellissima fotografia


Mi aggiungo a TE mia cognata ..era lì dopo due ore che lei era in volo per Italia . Italy è successo il fatto pensa tè ciao



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