did u know my bottom teeth were this wrecked . i’m never fixing them because they’re fucking CUTE




@msdanijwong like my teeth. I won't change it 👌


Dove is a beautiful (even without makeup) and talented young woman.


I saw them on an episode of Liv and Maddy


i think they look cute 💞


Cool pic! 🤩🌟🤩






@sodovelie self love or self Dove


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Thats probably the last real thing on you . Dont @ me


😍😍 So cutee!!


Ur a gorgeous girl xx


idk bout that chief


Oh my god.... my bottom teeth looks the same...😂😂😂 and i was thinking of fixing them... but damn... now i won't..😂😂😂🙌


It's so cute❤️


I always knew that


I noticed and I’m happy with the self love and acceptance of your beautiful flaws😊 you inspire others to not feel so insecure


Imperfections are the best 😍


@nat200611jayda nobody is lying. She’s absolutely gorgeous with straight teeth or not. Doesn’t really matter. Maybe you just wish you were as perfect as her??


@lilchoirkid if you aren’t gonna be nice then keep your thoughts to yourself. She said she doesn’t want to fix them. And she doesn’t need to. Straight teeth don’t make someone beautiful. It honestly doesn’t matter. She’s already drop dead gorgeous. Who cares if her bottom teeth aren’t perfect? Let me rephrase that... nobody needs to care if her bottom teeth aren’t perfect. Okay? Okay. Have a nice day.


@official_ashely you said people need to voice their opinion nicer. So be nice voicing your opinion. Dove is gorgeous. Learn to accept people. Straight teeth don’t make someone beautiful. Jesus Christ.


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 love You


you’re cute


Love ur makeup


She should fix em


Awesome 😎


@ms.peace_tree 😂 anything to make you feel better !! 😏


Ой бляяяя😆 пиздец


@nat.rodz bendito siii


I had noticed in some Descendants 3 Sneak Peak shots, but you still look freaking amazing and gorgeous, like you said, they’re cute😍
Btw, I hope to get a group together to cosplay the VKs with their latest outfits🙏🏽😭


had no idea but because your a mega super star no offense but i’d get them fixed if i were you just saying from my perspective 😂😂😘


I did not even notice but perfect teeth are overrated 😉

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