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❤️❤️❤️. I prefer Smack Down




Didn’t Lars Sullivan join smackdown live?


I want to see Lars vs Brock


@mat.roberts.33 advertised (too early in the morning for spelling)


But you advised Lars for Smackdown live WHAT ARE THE RULES #wrestletalk


Wow 😱😲 ❤️


@elenaaguilera_276 let’s not get carried away with our fantasies


take my Smackdown man the Miz to Raw then switch my RAW man Finn Balor to smackdown, this isn’t okay cmon and work w me😪


It’s pronounced WAR RAIDERS


So @lars_sullivan is playing both shows? Sweet!


Raw has gotten Awesome


Why lars Sullivan on both shows


Lars Sullivan is on both brands


Please, just call them War Raiders.


ehhhhh my aj


Why is Lars Sullivan in both smackdown and raw ?


Use me for the they aren’t going to last button




So US title and Intercontinental are on SD??


Can we just talk about how mella has been on sdl since 2016


So Lars Sullivan is on both raw and smackdown?


Go SDLIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its war raiders


Wait... isn’t Sullivan On SDLive?


@officialbhuvanshetty its a bot that when you tag them in ypur comment, you get a sh*t ton of likes


Which show is Lars on smackdown or Raw they made him on both 😒


Lars is a free agent 😂.... impossible @yogibr




@2glass_ you can call it mega push .... Remember paige win title in her first match at main roster.....


AJ leave his home ?

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