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Did you know?! 2019 is likely to become the year with the largest outbreak of measles in the US since 2000 (when measles was declared eradicated). In addition, children dying of whooping cough and hospital bills of more than $1 million to treat tetanus, we are on a mission to drown out the misinformation. Vaccine preventable diseases are just that...preventable. It is far safer and far cheaper to get vaccines than it is to get measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, polio, hepatitis, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, HPV, and yes, even the flu.

As young adults, we are lucky to have lived through a time where we lack the understanding of the severity of these diseases because they were so rare. This is solely due to the amazing science behind vaccines. We have CURED deadly diseases but need the public’s help. Generations before us stood in line to get these vaccines to save themselves and their loved ones from the horrors of this suffering. Today marks the start of World Immunization Week and I want you to know that I am #provaccine. If you disagree, that’s your own opinion. But don’t spew hate based on this post. I’m here to educate, not debate proven science. Keep scrolling if you don’t like it.

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Hmmmmmm🤔This was my stance until my best friends child perfectly healthy went in for his routine vaccinations and almost died. I started researching and reading turns out a lot of Mothers claimed the exact same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️they can’t all be lying .


Horrendous how did we get to this point. Physicians must start standing up for what we believe in we can’t keep silent anymore. Thanks for posting this. Medicine is being attacked at all angles


@crazeechaos @mariah_makes also there is absolutely no way that more people have died from the MMR vaccine than measles. The MMR vaccine has only been around for 60 years. As of November, the very database you are referring to noted 93,179 reports of measles vaccine reactions and 459 deaths , 6,936 hospitalizations, and 1,748 disabilities.
On the other hand, measles has been around for at least 1,800 YEARS. Prior to the vaccine, 400-500 people died EVERY year, more than 48,000 people a year were hospitalized for just mealses, and more than 1,000 cases of measles encephalitis occurred EVERY year. There are side effects to everything we do--including Tylenol, essential oils, supplements, cancer killing chemotherapy, antibiotics, even SURGERY has side effects. There is NOTHING we do that doesn't have side effects including our regular diet. I would take 500 deaths over 60 years or 7,000 hospitalizations over 60 years because this means that 59 years worth of deaths didn't happen. This means that less than 2% of hospitalizations occur because of measles--that saves lives and money.


This makes me SO SAD.


@doctorenough ok so I’m vaccinated... why should I fear someone that’s not? Isn’t that the whole point of vaccines to protect me from someone that’s not?


Exposure to natural measles kills certain cancer cells and boosts your immune system. Measles is hardly the deadly disease it is made out to be. In fact, the Brady Bunch had a whole episode where they joked about having the best sickness. I was talking to my mother-in-law who had it 3 times along with most of the kids she grew up with. She’s embarrassed by the news here lately. Afterward, you have lifelong immunity vs. the MMR that has to be given over and over and over and over. That specific vaccine contains aborted fetal cell lines, so my faith prohibits it even if it did work. More people have died from the MMR than from measles. Check out VAERS. Stop with the fear-mongering.


Yes! Great post! And loving this pic!


Yes!! I was just in a meeting with my Congressman’s office about vaccines today! #VaccinesWork @shotatlife


Nice work doctor - don’t test for vaccine strain measles - 😂 NIH Testing for measles should only be considered in specific circumstances for which there is a possible exposure history to wild-type virus. This could include travel to an endemic area and/or exposure to a confirmed case of disease. An exposure history may be complicated by international travel and undetected exposures in airport terminals (18). The detection and characterization of the measles virus is important for Public Health purposes and in environments where such clinical illness is rare but wild-type virus is circulating (18,19). For suspected measles cases, laboratory tests should include measles IgM and IgG serology, as well as an NP swab and a urine sample for the detection of the measles virus. This testing should only be considered if exposure to the wild-type (not vaccine-strain) virus is strongly suspected.


All vaccines shed! MMR is a live vaccine! All of the recent outbreaks are from the vaccinated people shedding the very same virus they are injected with smh. It’s a shame how much big pharma corrupted your mind. All you care about is your pockets not any child’s safety. Let’s be honest! All doctors have a major debt to pay 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Doctors like yourself are very corrupt indeed!


Amen 🙌🏼. You know this pediatrician is on your side 😘


Thank You for sharing your wisdom with us. Totally worth it😘


Thank You for sharing your wisdom with us. Totally worth it😘


👏 preach !


Vaccination! And don’t forget as adults you may need another MMR vaccination to stay immune


Thanks for sharing! 😊 My doctor has recommended me the app "Vaxini" (for Android) which is a vaccination tracker & reminder - very helpful 👍


Thank you! Amen!❤️


Beautiful smiles and post!! ❤️❤️❤️


Beautiful pic of you and the little!! And yes, we need more of this. More advocates. More education. More common sense. More living.




👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Vaccines cause adults!!!


You know this pedi is #provaccine !! Thanks for your words!!


Thank you for standing up and speaking out! #provaccine #physiciansrise


That pout though. And go vaccines!

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