You’re invited to this glitter party in Bergamo, Italy. (No vacuum required.) Federica Zamponi (@floreal.slimes) is a 17-year-old slime-maker who uses glitter — and lots of it — to make sparkly holographic unicorn goo. 🦄 ✨
Tune in to our story and IGTV channel right now to fully experience the ASMR sounds of glitter.
Video by @floreal.slimes

998,596 Bergamo, Italy





I swear glitter slime is like a stress ball and I need it


😇 تتو بهترين رنگها،بالاتربن كيفيت ، حرفه اي و مدرن ترين متد روز ، در سالني مجهز قيمت مناسب اصفهان












ووووووواااااای منمممممممم میخواااام😭😭😭










@nouf ❤️


Check our lashes out 😌😌


i want the code for the slime







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