Leave a lasting impression. The All-New #ChevyBlazer Premier.




Looks like a copy of a Nissan kick 🦵


One of the best sub in 2k19


“Reminiscent of the K5 blazer” - no one ever


Cute. Those wheels that a K5 owner would definitely approve 🤣. Built on a frame? Nope. Great, now go steal some sales from the RAV4s and CRVs.


Where’s the Twin Turbos or V8??


Cuando llegara al Perú la Blazer????


Bring back the K5 then come talk to me 😴


Perfekt karoséria SUV


@chevrolet u ruined the blazers design! But I guess that was ur intention, by appeal to soccer moms for some reason. I don't get it smh


Chevy! You have brought extreme shame to the memory of one of your own icons!! Call this common looking vehicle ANYTHING but a Blazer!! Shame on you! 👎


I love this ❤️❤️


Still not a Blazer. I own a 1982 K5- that's a Blazer....


I think I just fell in love


SWEET!!! I'm buying one for 4th of July!


Make an awesome LS3 blazer or some kind of V8 blazer to compete with those SUVs out there


It is coming to Korea!!!!!


@chevrolet you did wrong this is not what a blazer is I know alot about cars and u made a big mistake these new designs and cross over bs and computers this is not what Chevy was built on I was a big supporter and fan you are ruining your good name .


I thought this model should be much larger than this size, at least the size of the Silverado




bad service, 50 days waiting for parts and the car stopped at the dealership.


That has hot to be the ugliest design I've ever seen. You single handedly destroyed a legend and a legacy. First, it's been feminized. Second, you can't tell it apart from any other of the dozens of car makers. If this is the crap you're going to be giving us, I regret the bailout. 😡👎


Chevrolet killing people in Brasil. #Chevykilling.

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