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Photo by @bertiegregory | A bald eagle comes into land at sunset on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Although these birds are big (their wingspan can be up to 8ft), they often build nests which make them look tiny. One of the largest bald eagle nests recorded was 20ft deep, nearly 10ft wide and estimated to weigh more than 2 tonnes! Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures! #britishcolumbia #photography #wildlife #coast #eagle




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Nice eagle🔥




They look cool, but it's no Wedge Tail




🔥🔥🔥 Орёл , какая красота !!!! Птица великан


America’s majesty


Amazing! 😍


The she-eagle builds her nest once again after the lighting strikes it


تا دشت ِ گل ِ پیرهنت کوچ کنم
تا فرصت ِ کولی شدنت کوچ کنم

سرمای زمستان بدی در راه است
باید که به قشلاق ِ تنت کوچ کنم

ملكا ما را ببينيد
مرتضي چگونيان مشاوره املاك اصفهان




Eagles are my favorite thing I always thought they bring me Good Luck. I'd love to visit this Vancouver Island and see the Eagles.


👏 liberdade selvagem a voar



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