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Photo by @sofia_jaramillo5 | A young woman harvests coffee at a farm outside of Manizales, Colombia. For more photos from Colombia and other South American countries, follow me @sofia_jaramillo5. #coffee #colombia #travel_capture #traveldaily


Photo by Robin Hammond @Hammond_Robin | In the eight years that I’ve been documenting mental health around the world, I don’t think I’ve come across a more hellish place than this so-called rehabilitation center in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt. No actual rehabilitation went on here. It was a warehouse for people with mental health issues, many of whom were pulled off the streets in a "cleanup" of the city in advance of the FIFA Youth World Championship in 1999. The management claimed they needed more resources to better care for the people here. Port Harcourt is the center of Nigeria’s oil production (Nigeria is one of the biggest producers in the world). It is not a lack of money that prevents decent care. I’m sharing this now because May is mental health awareness month. You can see much more from this series on the In My World Instagram account: @onedayinmyworld


Gardens by The Bay - Singapore ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@luxurybackpacking✨✨
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Untitled | Photograph by Michael Dunn (@michaeldunca)
"A police shield is covered in eggs and paint after a massive political demonstration when Evo Morales confirmed his candidacy for re-election in spite of the referendum that took place in 2017 which banned him from doing so," writes #YourShotPhotographer Michael Dunn. This photo was selected for the May 17, 2019 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“Many photos we see at National Geographic are not so beautiful, but capture a moment in a unique way. I saw that in the photo of a political demonstration in La Paz, Bolivia. After decades covering the news, I thought I had seen pictures of every kind of unrest, often from the vantage point of the protesters. This photo centered on the hand of the police officer, outstretched behind his egg- and paint-splattered shield; we’re reminded of his humanity, though we cannot see his face. I don’t think I’ve seen a photograph like this before.” — @natgeo Partners Editorial Director and National Geographic Magazine Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg (@susanbgoldberg)


Choreographers Shivani Bhagwan (@shivanibhagwan) and Chaya Kumar (@chayakumar) are the brains behind BFunk (@bfunk). “BFunk stands for the two styles of dance that we teach: BhangraFunk and BollyFunk,” explains Shivani. “It’s a fusion between elements of our western upbringing and our eastern roots,” explains Chaya. “Our heritage is woven through every fiber of our work. Dance is not a recreation in India; it’s a part of our culture. It’s a means of celebration. It’s a means of storytelling. It’s a means of communication.”
According to Shivani, “#APAHeritageMonth is wonderful because it promotes education, drives conversation and builds awareness, and that is the birthplace for growth.”
Photo of @bfunk by @pavithraphotos


“keep calm and nap on” writes @eastonofthewild


A city walk in Delhi, India guided by former street kids: unconventional and worthwhile. Here’s the full(er) story: .

Anny, pictured, guides us through a narrow alley near Delhi railway station. Her personal story is one of having been orphaned at five years old. For the last ten years she has lived in a shelter run by @salaambaalaktrust, a local organization providing support, education and training to children who once lived their lives day and night on the street.

First, any guesses why tiles of different religious symbols might be affixed to this wall? Hint: it has nothing to do with what’s inside the building. (We’ll answer later in the comments.) .

Besides sharing her knowledge of Delhi, Anny also shares the background and story of street children in India - the various ways many of them end up on the street, their survival tactics, the ways they spend the money they make and steal, and their dreams. .

This @planeterracares project together with Salaan Baalak Trust offers youth the opportunity for English language courses and training in guiding and tourism. The goal: to build new confidence and give practical skills and experience in preparation for the time they must leave the shelters (at 18 years old) and they begin seeking employment.
Most @gadventures tours that go through Delhi include these city walks. So the kids get lots of practice. The money earned from the tours becomes a steady source of funding for Salaam Baalak Trust to expand its work with street children, too.
Another example where tourism helps to open avenues of opportunity and support to disadvantaged youth. .

Our journey in India and Nepal continues with a special #GForGood trip focused on visiting social enterprises and community projects. #sponsored .
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¡Mañana llega #NatGeoRun a #Bogotá! 🌎 👟 🇨🇴 Ya estamos precalentando para este gran festival Eco-Friendly pensado para inspirar hábitos sustentables ¡Levanten la mano quienes vienen a correr por el planeta!
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Chengdu by Night 🌃 .
Taken with the #HuaweiP30Pro and Night Mode #HuaweiShot @huaweimobilefr
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