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A city walk in Delhi, India guided by former street kids: unconventional and worthwhile. Here’s the full(er) story: .

Anny, pictured, guides us through a narrow alley near Delhi railway station. Her personal story is one of having been orphaned at five years old. For the last ten years she has lived in a shelter run by @salaambaalaktrust, a local organization providing support, education and training to children who once lived their lives day and night on the street.

First, any guesses why tiles of different religious symbols might be affixed to this wall? Hint: it has nothing to do with what’s inside the building. (We’ll answer later in the comments.) .

Besides sharing her knowledge of Delhi, Anny also shares the background and story of street children in India - the various ways many of them end up on the street, their survival tactics, the ways they spend the money they make and steal, and their dreams. .

This @planeterracares project together with Salaan Baalak Trust offers youth the opportunity for English language courses and training in guiding and tourism. The goal: to build new confidence and give practical skills and experience in preparation for the time they must leave the shelters (at 18 years old) and they begin seeking employment.
Most @gadventures tours that go through Delhi include these city walks. So the kids get lots of practice. The money earned from the tours becomes a steady source of funding for Salaam Baalak Trust to expand its work with street children, too.
Another example where tourism helps to open avenues of opportunity and support to disadvantaged youth. .

Our journey in India and Nepal continues with a special #GForGood trip focused on visiting social enterprises and community projects. #sponsored .
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Love this!


@planeterracares The City walks were a great experience, and also very educational regarding reasons for homelessness and how children learn to survive.
Had to do a bit of counting, but think this makes our 10th Planeterra project visit. Tanzania (2), Peru (3), Australia, Brazil, India, Nepal (2)


@tiff.rundle You guessed it! And it really works. The alley was clean and piss-free!


@ammeg46 Sadly, there are many tragic stories like this. But, what’s heartwarming is to see how these disadvantaged youth can strive when given some support and opportunity.


@theadventuresofnate Think you (and our whole group) would have enjoyed this experience. It might be included in our tour in the future actually.


This sounds fun! A great way of seeing the city through local eyes. I’ll have to save this one for next time! :)


Heartbreaking but I’m happy she’s learning tourism, that will help sustain her 🙏


So glad you enjoyed City Walk! How many #Planeterra projects have you seen now!?🌱


Great shot 😊


Because men pee on the walls, and hopefully not on religious figures!

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