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Photo by Paul Nicklen @PaulNicklen | This curious bowhead whale came to greet me while I was diving in the Canadian Arctic. As I hovered in the frigid water along the north coast of Baffin Island, this whale came so close that it actually pushed me with its chin. Able to live over 200 years, bowhead whales have the longest life span of any mammal on Earth. Their populations were once almost wiped out by whaling, and they now face the new threat of a warming Arctic. Higher temperatures are rapidly melting sea ice, on which they rely for copepods, their main food source. #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen and explore my feed for more photos of whales. #bowhead #Arctic #ocean #underwaterphotography






Wow so cute and needs protection


@thelifeofwhales look at this beauty ❤️😯🙌🏻




لااله الا الله الواحد الخالق العظيم


Que hermoso y que tristeza ver esto del calentamiento global 💙🐋💙🐋💙🐋💙🐋💙🐋💔😳😭💔😳😭💔😳😭




That is show as pearl




I LOVE whales! Thank you for the fanominal photo! I just ove it!


I know this guy! We used to do supers on Baffin Island and then chase belugas into Hudson Bay. He chin pushed you for a reason bud ;)


ما شاء الله

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