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Photos by Pete McBride @pedromcbride | The Colorado River is drying up: it hasn't reached the ocean in two decades. In 2014 a binational agreement provided for the release of a surge of water equal to less than 1% of the river's annual flow in an effort to restore parts of its delta estuary. I recently returned to visit one of the restoration sites and was heartened to see that a small baseflow of water has turned a section of arid wasteland back into a forest of native vegetation. This gives me hope for nature's resilience as long as we work to protect it. To learn more about the Colorado and other rivers, #followme @pedromcbride #petemcbride #ColoradoRiver






That cool


The nature will treat humanbeing in the way that people treat it


C'est tellement beau


Insane place ! 🙌🏼☄


Yeah our earth is our mother and mother 's beauty its extraordinary


REGILANE Rodrigues


So sad, these changes.


Ther is always hope


Amazing 😘


La gets the water


So wonderful


Unbelievable 😊😊


Exactly! We have to WORK to SAVE it & ALL of nature!



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