We were there when "right on" was all you needed to say. What year was it? #Silverado






Screw what city people what “ better fuel efficiency” “i want more comfort” screw those people cause those people dont even know the first thing about reliability and toughness


Y’all need to make squarebodys with steel body panels again I have one and it’s an amazing truck that’s what we truck dreams want are more squares


Yello belly drag strip




1971 😜


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@lovinlifeinmn because they’ve lost their way and that’s all they have to rely on


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1971 the year my dad was born


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همیشه عروسک بازیکن فوتبالی محبوبتان را روی میزتان داشته باشید.
فیگور اوریجینال بازیکنان و کاریکاتور شخصیت های معروف فوتبالی با برند ساکروی با تمام جزئیات و سر و دست‌های متحرک (بیش از ۳۰۰ آیتم بازیکن سرمربی ۲۰۱۹)
◀️ ابعاد تقریبی : ۴۰ در ۱۶ میلیمتر
تلفن سفارش ۰۹۱۱۸۰۴۱۶۳۱


That’s a ‘71 C Body


Hello. im an iranian. i wish to travel to america. can you help me?


NICE ! ⚙🔥


It’s a 71 but that was before Silverados were made this was either a c/10 or a Cheyenne


For many years, during the time of our king, we were the manufacturer of Chevrolet in Iran, but now with our imperfect government, Chinese cars have fired against us.


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