Sophisticated design with a sporty edge. The All-New #ChevyBlazer RS.




مطلب جالبی بود. در ضمن اگر به دنبال چاپ تصاویر شخصی خودتون و خانواده یا تصاویر خاص و یا ارم تجاریتون روی پرده و لوازم دکوراسیون هستید، در خدمتتون هستیم میتونید از پیج مادیدن کنید👌💓👌


If by sophisticated you mean your designers drew 50 lines, connected the ends and drew some wheels on it then yes absolutely.


🤮👎👎👎👎Not a Blazer!!!!


Remeber guys when the blazer was a manly SUV, now it's a soccer mom SUV/ poor mans Uras


When will be the #chevyblazer2019 be available in the Philippines?


Just for the record, in the dictionary dope is an adjective describing something or someone that is stupid or means slang for illegal drugs. Not oh that's cool. Dope does not mean something is good. It's not a positive word. quit pandering!


The Chevy blazer needs to be the off-road beast that it used to be known as


Bootleg Lamborghini Urus


Built in mexico while you,”unallocate” plants in the United States of America. Way to keep bleeding market share for profits!


Yea bring back the old blazer. I guarantee that they would sell way more then the ones their making now


I love my RS 😍 I call her my Thoroughbred...she loves to go fast 🐎 lol @chevrolet


@im_mahk would not be impressed 👎


Why are you supporting crooks #glazersout


To Turkey came time to come back. When is your return to Europe?


Comeback to Turkey 🇹🇷


Comeback to Europe 😍


Amazing car


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Congratulations Chevrolet the best car of my life is Blazer....

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