Troy Sowers

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to head over to the channel to see the reveal of the Raptor. Link in bio! Don’t worry...I’ve already got a personalized plate in mind 😏
#trucksofinstagram #raptor #fordraptor #mclaren12c




@klouie83 looks oike mine


Alwysl8 😂😂


What's with u and white and black troy


That's awesome man, congratulations on the raptor. Do you have any plans to tune it?


Please convince mike to buy one!


Congrats man !! One hell of a combo


One sounds better than the other 🧐


@streetspeed717 definitely make @troysowers take it off-road with ya 😂


You better off road it troy !


McRpTer lol like the McChikin haha




Quite possibly the *perfect* garage. 👌


Black out the hood


There’s something incredibly wrong and very right about this @troysowers


Congrats! Best color for sure. Do it up like obsessed garage


A great and worthy replacement for the g37 @troysowers


Loved the banter about the keys! @troysowers I figured the truck would be white also 🤣

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