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Lucky to have #goodfriends my friends are #forlife we wish #thebest for each other #nohiddenagendas sending out #love #positivity #health #joy #success to you #specialladies #sisters and my #onlybrobro πŸ’— #lostwithoutyous πŸ’ž




ArchAngel Jophiel has a special message for us. Jophiel's message if for You to remember your Divinity and Magnificence : So many people shy away from their own Divinity. They shy away from their power. They feel like they have to lower themselves or push that energy away because they don’t feel worthy of embracing the true magnificence of who they are. πŸ’œ The Reason why it's important to recognize your inner light and the magnificence of who you are is so you can be that shining example for others. When you recognize and embody your magnificence and beauty, you help other recognize theirs as well.Whenever you recognize any amazing qualities in other people it’s important to recognize those qualities within yourself. The reason why you are drawn to those aspects of a person is because that energy exists within you as well. If you look at someone and think β€œWow, they’re so awesome”, or that they have this magnificent energy or whatever it is that you recognize about them, it means that the same energy exists within you as well. Source energy is magnificent. Source energy is Divine. And if we come from Source and that energy is within us, that means that we have those same qualities too! To Be Continued 😌 Remember To Shine Your Light βœ‹



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