Nic Hilton

Note to self: do not think it’s a good idea to carry out essential car maintenance right before you start a shift at work... Thankfully my lovely work friend let me know I had oil on my face when she saw me but this was not before I’d spoken to people at the desk first 🤦🏼‍♀️ I tell myself I gave off flashdance vibes but pretty sure she was a welder? Oh well... at least thoughts of posh cheesy chips and gravy (sorry, I mean poutine) followed by the theatre cheered me up! I got me my Irish fill there #itsbeenalongweek #clumsy #typicalme #smoothasalways #oldcarproblems #flashdance #datenight #stonesinhispockets #poutine #phdlife

32 Cambridge Arts Theatre



Friend that helped you resolve said oil issue (not pictured or mentioned)

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