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[ First Place, People | 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest ] Photograph by Huaifeng Li
“Actors prepare for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China. I spent the whole day with these actors from makeup to [stage],” writes photographer Huaifeng Li. “I’m a freelance photographer, and the series ‘Cave Life’ is a long-term project of mine. In China's Loess Plateau, local residents dig holes in the loess layer [to create cave living spaces, known as yaodongs] and use the heat preservation properties to survive cold winters.”

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Wow! Looks like an enlightment! 👏


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Beautiful photo.

Stunning streaming light.


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We are ruining our planet ! We all want futures for our families. In 12-20 years we won’t even have a place to live if this trashy lifestyle (literally) doesn’t change .Please start helping our planet! PLEASE I beg of you recycle, stop using so much plastic and ride bikes or walk please!!!!!




So beautiful




Chinese opera is now on my list for when I’m in China soon! 👌

Nobody thinks about the problems of the actors that they have to overcome to be on the stage.

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