😍 Ashanti spotted shooting @PrettyLittleThing x @ashanti 🥥🌴Coming soon... July 1st! 🌴 Are you ready!?

66,724 Miami, Florida



She looks like the little mermaid


Can we get more sneak peeks?!!!


@emmapearse94 matching outfits girl!!!!


I would love to order from you @prettylittlething and now especially with @ashanti new collections coming BUT in almost all your comments their someone who’s always saying they don’t get their items. I’m in the US. Is getting my package going to be a hassle?


your birthday gift to me 😚






@french__fry prochaine tenue?


@macey99388 you should get this.


@kwilli17 please purchase this for kiawah




Vibes 🧜🏼‍♀️


@amandahelgesson kör på denna outfiten ikväll då haha😘


I need this entire look for carnival


And i oop!!! 😍😍😍


@katieviictoriia when they say keep it casual


Yes Auntie Shanti


Ready to ride a sea horse 😪


Anda lo nunca visto jajjajaja

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