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Photo by @BabakTafreshi | I'm in Washington DC for the 50th anniversary of moon landing. This impressive life-size projection of Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket appears on the east face of Washington Monument in DC. The #goforthemoon project and film screening continues to July 20, each night at 9:30-11:30. Photographed on assignment for @natgeo. The projection is organized by @airandspacemuseum partnered with @usinterior and 59 Productions. Explore astronomy and space photography with me @babaktafreshi. #Apollo50th #NASA #washingtondc


Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | For the biggest and best floating markets, head for Vietnam. Phung Hiep in the Mekong Delta is at the confluence of 5 canals where farmers bring their produce by boat (there are no roads) to the daily market. #phunghiep #mekongdelta #floatingmarket


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Stairway to Heaven | Photograph by Mike Kane
“I love the negative space in this location,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Mike Kane. “I framed the lone figure within the leading lines as a human element to add scale and a hint of mystery. Who is he? Where is he coming from? Where is he going to?”

“There’s not too much to say. You simply have to stop and look at this photo. The background is just soft enough that it could be the sky, and the stairs lead straight up to it. The composition is so pleasant and straightforward. The stairs enter and leave the frames just at the corner, the man has begun his journey but still has a bit of walking to do through the frame. The way the light changes across the stairs makes me curious about the rest of the space. What’s so funny to me about this photograph is it is probably extremely direct, a staircase in a museum, possibly, that leads to the next exhibit, but when I look at it, I can’t help but think deep and dream big.” — @natgetravel Producer Marie McGrory (@mariemcg23)

Tag @natgeomedia + #roadphotography,我們會於每週分享主題精選照片。
July Spotlight :road
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Tag @natgeomedia + #roadphotography, We' ll post favorites next week.

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Australia ✨😍😍😍✨
Pictures by ✨✨@tomnoske✨✨
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¿Lo sabías? National Geographic recibió 15 nominaciones a los Premios Emmy. ¡Felicitaciones a #FreeSolo, #PlanetaHostil e #ImperioSalvaje por el reconocimiento!


“Shark 🦈 attack!” writes @squishy_thefrenchie


Every time dancer, singer and actress Nia Sioux (@niasioux) gets onstage, her confidence shines. 💖 “Dancing has helped me gain confidence tremendously,” says the 18-year-old. “When I was younger, I was always scared and nervous before going onstage. Putting yourself out there more, it releases that fear.” Today on our weekly series #YouGotThis, Nia shows us how she slayed at Vidcon 2019. Check out her tips for boosting your confidence and practicing self-love, right now on our story.

Photo of @niasioux by @jordanmatter


Dear Grandmother | Photograph by Ricardo Ramos
“Teresa (28) visits her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, almost every day. She is in a nursing home that specializes in the elderly. Sometimes she recognizes her granddaughter,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Ricardo Ramos. “Teresa wants to take care of her because her grandmother took care of her.” This photo was published in our “Take Care” story, guest edited by @natgeo photographer Gabriele Galimberti. To submit to our current assignments, go to the link in our profile.

“I have a similar situation with my Grandma... Unfortunately, I am not able to visit her often, I travel too much. This picture and story are really moving.” — @natgeo photographer Gabriele Galimberti (@gabrielegalimbertiphoto)


Musée de l'Ermitage, Saint-Petersbourg, Russie, 2019 🇷🇺💦
Le mois dernier, j'ai eu l'occasion de visiter le 2e plus grand musée d'art du monde, avec une impressionnante collection d'arts et plus de mille salles.
Voici une série de photos prise à l'extérieur et intérieur du musée avec le mode Ultra Grand Angle du #HuaweiP30Pro
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