Sean Kenny

Couldn’t post it all in one take as it took more than a minute but doing a light weight set of 30 reps, medium weight set of 20 reps, and a heavier weight set of 10 reps! Got plenty of blood flowing and triggered my tendonitis...but damn look at them arms!!! Lmao joking there but definitely recommend going after that tricep pump! Also was my first lift in my new compression from @justsaiyan.gear and honestly couldn’t love it any more! Fits amazing as always and looks perfect

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Yes love it




Aesthetic :)


I like that a lot!


Keep up the good work! 👏👏👏


Yes, you rock! Keep up the awesome work! 😊


Triceps for days!


Hey your feed looks awesome!


Nice work bro 🔥💪


That deku compression though 👌🏼😍🔥🔥🔥🔥


You have one of the good profiles I’ve seen today 👌😸


Send us a dm💪🏼


Captain our clothes line. See this ig biograph like now


Great pics well done love your IG hit me up if you want just to chat thanks @crafted_by_iron

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