Sleek and sporty, the #ChevyMalibu is styled and ready to impress.




Dear Chevy, I love you. But don’t be like the rest of these dumb car people saying, “it’s sporty!” When literally it’s not. The looks of it is. But what about the suspension? The power? The feel of the steering wheel? It’s just missing one of those 3 I mentioned. Then maybe you can call it sporty. But having a car have sport mode like Kia or others. Which I’m glad you guys don’t have, just seems like a stupid idea and a waste of money because what does a sport mode do? Make the steering feel stiffer? Like no! Sport mode should be a boost of power, stiffer ride suspension, and a magnetic steering control. That should be a sporty calling, that should be a sport mode. With all that said. I will happily still buy a Malibu. But not brand new. I hate paying more for any type of car when it’s below its normal pricing that they want to sell. Like I will buy one brand new like I won’t care. It’s just any other car than GM I won’t buy brand new. Because it won’t be worth it. I would buy a Chevy and other GM vehicles because I know how they work. And how they act. I’ve known GM vehicles all my life. So I’m used to knowing what to expect. And thankfully. They aren’t huge problems that are crazy expensive to fix.


Yeah but... it’s a Chevy malibu


Why did Chevy get rid of the Cruze and keep the Malibu? Cruze is way better


I love this, can't wait .....mbok


If my question as a Chevy owners its not important I can go sell this Camaro Tommorrow


Are you guys unveiling a rocket ship or a Corvette?


Where the c8 pics at


i have a 1960 Impala named Aretha ❤️🔥


@occhevy is my garage homie


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I am a Chevy owner I drive nothing but Chevy currently I have a 2010 Camaro ss I am in the market for a bigger. Chevy vehicle but everything such as the equinox traverse blazer only come in v6 it very disappointing even when The new impalas came out and the Hughes trim was premier. Will Chevy every drop a truck to battle the SRT8 durango because thst truck is blowing any of your midsize truck off the road my dodge friend laugh at me for sticking with Chevy because they have so much stuff to offer on the other side so many model with so many different levels of trim. From sxt to r/r to 392 to str8 to hell cats to demon and everybody else has a fast midsize truck Jeep has the track hawk dodge has durago. I begging you please give me speed and big V8 engines please, I was raised around muscle and pony cars Chevy Camaros Chevy chevelles , impalas, Monty Carlos and el camino when will any off these come back and come back with speed that’s needed to compete in today’s market sincerely a Chevy owner and fan


Where the c8 pictures?


Ask me a question on my story


Stop funding the parasitic Glazer family. #BoycottChevrolet #GlazersOut


You blew it with the Impala.


Thats the new c8


Repeating what GM did in the '80's: All show, no go. Only now, with Hyundai styling.


Jd power pin up

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