Annonce | It’s been a really (really) long week. I’ve been sick going on week 2, Vilhelm was sick and family commitments all weekend. We are beat. I wish we had a view like this, or even that nice outside bath at @soelballegaard. On these hot summer nights, more than usual, I think about how nice it would be to move out of the city. Be close to the sea, the wind and the trees. Just open the door and be in it all 😍 or even just have the windows open and have it be bird song flowing through the air, and not party people and some dude coughing his lungs out 🙉 #detdertæller

843 Sølballegaard



Dejligt billede Young, må vi reposte - med credit selvfølgelig? :)








Hugs and happier Skt Hans another time, was in CPH yesterday, flew home over many bonfires


Beautiful 💙✨


God bedring, Young 🍀


Hope you feel better soon! ❤️😘


Feel better soon!


Took the plunge and moved out of the city 6 months ago. We only live a few km out of Amsterdam. I hear birds singing, ducks and sheep chatting. Best decision ever. Had some (lots) of sleepless nights over it though. Hang in there 💪




Beautiful shot!! 📸💕💕




Hope you feel better soon!

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